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BiCon 2003, London, UK - Stop the Press! We've managed to extend the room deadline!

Although today was going to be the last day for booking rooms for BiCon we've been able to negotiate an extension to the deadline with the University of East London, based on the number of bookings so far.

Because so many of you had asked for rooms already we're now going to be able to take bookings for accommodation until the 1st of August.

So, if you hadn't already booked a room and thought it was too late then now's your chance, and if you have friends who haven't but you'd like to share a flat with them then pass on the good news!

The new flats are more of the same - all ensuite with only five people sharing a kitchen. They're still only 27 pounds 50. You don't have to book for all nights - if you just want to have somewhere to crash after the disco or the ball then we're cool with that.

Booking forms are available here.
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